Khamis, 6 Januari 2011


Windows System

·         Windows Key: will open the Start menu
·         Windows Key+Break: will display the System Properties dialogue box
·         Windows Key+D: will minimize the windows to show the Desktop
·         Windows Key+E: will open Internet Explorer
·         Windows Key+F: will open the Search option for files and folders
·         Windows Key+F+CTRL: will open Search option for computer
·         Windows Key+F1: will display Help/Assistance option
·         Windows Key+L: will lock your Desktop
·         Windows Key+M: will minimize or restore all windows
·         Windows Key+R: will open the RUN option
·         Windows Key+TAB: will switch between open items
·         Windows Key+U: will open Utility Manager
·         ALT+ Hyphen: will display the Multiple Document Interface child windowâ€(TM)s System menu
·         ALT+ ENTER: will view the properties for the selected object
·         ALT+ ESC: will cycle through the items in the order that they were opened
·         ALT+ F4: will close all the window that is open
·         ALT+ SPACEBAR: will display the System menu
·         ALT+TAB: switch from one open program to another on your taskbar.
·         F1: used to request help/assistance
·         SHIFT: If you press and hold down the SHIFT key while inserting a CD-ROM it will skip the automatic-run feature
·         SHIFT+DELETE: will delete the file permanently
·         CTRL+ESC: will open the Start Menu

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