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Input Sensitivity 5mV ~ 5V/DIV, devided to 1-2-5 in 10 files according to order. 
Accuracy (fine tuning sensitivity) ≤ ± 3% (10 degrees ~ 35 degrees), 
(1/2.5 or less than panel indicate scale) bandwidth of DC ~ 20MHz, 
AC coupled: 10Hz 
Rise flow time of less than about 17.5nS balanced input impedance of about 1MΩ /25pF DC Mobile 5mV ~ 5V/DIV: ± 0.5DIV linear when the wave moves vertically in the grid center (2DIV) amplitude change <± 0.1DIV 

Vertical mode 
CH1: Channel 1, 
CH2: Channel 2, DUAL: Channel 1 and Channel 2 also shows 
ADD: Channel 1 and Channel 2 to do algebraic sum of the maximum input voltage 300V peak (AC: Frequency ≤ 1KHz) 
[horizontal part of the] scanning Time 0.2μ Sec ~ 0.5Sec/DIV, devided into1-2-5 in 10 files in lines with order 

Accuracy (fine) ≤ ± 3% (10 degrees ~ 35 degrees), ≤ 1/2.5 panel indicates the scale expanded 10 times × 10MAG scan scan time 

Accuracy ± 5% (20nSec ~ 50nSec uncorrected) Linear ± 5%, × 10MAG: ± 10% (0.2S ~ 1μ S) caused by the displacement × 10MAG CRT center less than 2DIV 
[trigger] the trigger signal CH1, CH2, LINE, 

EXT coupled AC: 20Hz ~ 20MHz mode signal, the input impedance, about 1MΩ /25pF, 
300V (DC + AC peak) maximum input frequency is less than 1KHz AC 

Voltage trigger mode AUTO: Auto NORM: 
Normal television field: Observation of a broadcast television signal, 
TV lines: Observed line television signal 
[XY model], 
With the vertical axis sensitivity bandwidth of DC ~ 500KHz

  1. Dapat mencari kerosakkan listrik
  2. Dapat mengukur pelbagai jenis Gelombang dan tegagan
  3. Dan pelbagai kegunaan lain terutama dalam mencari kerosakkan motherboard laptop
  4. Power supply Problem

For special laptop:DELL- SONY VAIO -APPLE

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